We inspire wood!
Production from logs to the finished product.
Natural timber furniture!
High quality Lithuanian furniture will make Your home more comfortable.
Warmness for Your home is guaranteed!

Ecologically clean and comfortable to use birch sawdust briquettes.

Production from logs to the finished product

The space of the main company production consists of a sawmill, several drying buildings, 2 manufacturing buildings, 3 finishing lines, a storage and packing department. Birch logs undergo all these stages before they become furniture which meets our clients expectations.

Evaluated and trustworthy


Each stage of the production process is controlled from the beginning to the very end by the department of quality assurance. It lets us guarantee that our final products meet the highest quality requirements.

We are environmentally friendly


Quarter of the factory used electricity power is received from the sun. This is how we contribute to environment protection.


UAB Multimeda, a Lithuanian capital company, was founded in 1998. The company`s main activity focuses on furniture manufacturing. We are settled in the area of more than 1956.19 square meters of industrial and 488.6 square meters of administrative space.  We start wood processing from the very beginning – cutting logs and finish with a final product – packed furniture. We cooperate with internationally recognized and experienced partners. With the help of modern, high quality machinery, skilled human resources and environmentally friendly materials we produce long-lasting wood products.


Ecological, durable, always stylish and practical to use – these are main characteristics that fully describe furniture produced by UAB Multimeda. At present we produce tables, chairs, beds, racks and various parts of furniture. Wood scraps generated during the process of production are processed into sawdust briquettes.



UAB Multimeda pays great attention to environment protection strictly complies with environmental regulations  and IKEA IWAY standart requirements. The company also supervises whether these requirements are complied by the company employees and material suppliers.

How to reach us

UAB Multimeda
Mažvydo str. 12E, LT-82181 Radviliškis

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Phone. +370 422 60194
Fax +370 422 60192
E-mail: multimeda@multimeda.lt;